Intimate International Ltd


Intimate International Ltd. is a reputed International Textile trading company for machinery and spares. It was established in 1986 and till then we have maintained our reputation flawless for more than 30 years.

We can supply all kinds of textile machinery, spare parts, and accessories as follows:

  • Spinning machineries: Blow Room / Carding / Draw Frame / Comber / Simplex / Ring Frame / Auto Coner & Winding / Open End, etc.
  • Spinning Accessories: Multi Drum Filter, Card Clothing Wires, Rubber Cots & Apron, Top Roller, Compact Spinning Drafting, Ring Cup & Travelers, Bobbin Holders & Separator, Plastic Tubes, Clearer Rollers, Aluminum Spindles, etc.
  • Weaving Chicaneries: Air Jet looms, Rapier Projectile, Shuttle Looms, etc.
  • Circular Knitting Machine along with Cylinder, cams, needle, feeder, etc.
  • Dyeing Machines, Textile Dyes and Chemicals, Sizing Machine, Water Treatment Plant, Stenter Machine, Gas Singeing, Calendar Machine, Bleaching Machine, Dryer and Cylinders, Washing Plant, etc
  • Rotary Printing Machine, Flat bed printing, Conveyor Belt, Rubber Blanket, Nickel Screen, Bolting Cloth, Aluminum End rings,
  • Squeeze Roller, Bow Roller, Mangle Rollers, Clips & Chain
  • Boiler, Burners, Diesel Generators, Air Compressor, Humidification Plant, etc.
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